We value quality assurance

We value quality assurance of our material, production methods and conditions, and also the quality assurance of the finish product. This way we ensure to our customers, that they made the right decision buying our rugs.

Rug art from renowned studios

Every single piece of our collection is a small art work with high quality. Our exclusive Persian rugs are produced in renowned studios of the most famous knitting regions, to which we are closely linked for decades. For this reason we can offer our customers the option to choose and design their own Persian carpets. They can choose the material, the pattern, colors and size themselves.
Most of our exclusive Persian rugs that are made with complex detailed patterns, are made out of fine wool, cork wool, have silk content or are fully made out of silk. The quality of the material is a requirement for the longevity of such master pieces.

We feel obliged to the big tradition of exclusive rugs

Larger studios hesitate to invest the time and the valuable material, that is required to manufacture a single Persian rug with a density of knots of a minimum of 600,000 per square meters, especially because with the manufacture of a simpler models, it is easier and faster to make money. Therefore today it is more difficult to find exclusive Persian rugs. However, we are committed to this traditional craft of making unique and classical Persian rugs, and offer our clients distinguished pieces that hypnotize with their beauty to those who have a taste for the extraordinary.